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Computer support services

We offer a range of computer and training services which means that we can cover almost every aspect of technology in your home or business.

Our services include...


  • We are happy to provide advice and recommendations for any aspect of your technology
  • Advice is free and we do not have any affiliation to suppliers or providers – so it’s based purely on your requirements and situation!
  • Advice topics could include:
    • The selection and specification of a new laptop, tablet or phone
    • Broadband setup, wireless coverage and speed optimisation
    • Broadband supplier, plans and coverage

Updates & Solving Common Problems

Windows updates are a constant source of mystery to many. Should I or shouldn't I? Why do they take so long? Which ones should I accept? Could they harm my computer? We'll cover these and give you some guidelines.

Internet Security & Safer Surfing

It's true that there are many potential threats on line and people trying to take advantage of you. We'll suggest some basic steps and precautions that you can take to minimise the danger and stay safe on-line.

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About our courses...

We specialise in, and have extensive experience of, helping those who find computers a little daunting.  Many people struggle with their laptops or PCs, so you are not alone!

Experience has shown that sessions of about 1.5 – 2 hours including a break (tea/ coffee/ water included) work best allowing enough time to cover the topics. Written notes covering the lesson are also provided.

There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and you’ll find that what’s puzzling you will most likely also be puzzling others on the course.

We’re also running Facebook courses in 2019 in Shaftesbury, for more information, click here.

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